”Really rewarding coaching session that gave me a lot of concrete skills for my work. The coach was deservingly chosen.”

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We had a presentation skills training by Niina Sainius and Kikka Pohjaväre for a global group of Metso experts. The training was held in English. It was very well structured in a limited time frame – four hours and eight participants. Both trainers are very skillful and experienced professionals.

It was very useful to have a pre-meeting about the target group and expectations of the training in advance. The target of the training was very well understood by the trainers, and the overall result was excellent. Short video recordings and the analyses with constructive feedback were efficient and also appreciated by the participants. Instructions and tips for PowerPoint presentations were very helpful addition as well.

All in all, the training was a delightful experience and it clearly exceeded my expectations.

Kai Ylä-Outinen

Director, Project Portfolio & Roadmaps Aggregates Equipment, Technology, Metso Minerals, Inc

For example, these companies rely on my professional skills.

Do you want to be a genuine, relaxed, effective and confident presenter?

I am here to help you shine with your professional skills!

My name is Niina Sainius. I have worked as a presentation coach for almost 20 years, the last 17 years as a full-time entrepreneur. Over 30,000 professionals from hundreds of different companies across various industries have participated in my coaching sessions!

The Finnish term ”ESIINTYMISVALMENNUS” (presentation coaching) was coined by my clients, making me the first trainer in Finland to carry the title of a presentation coach. I am a skill coach who focuses on the strengths of participants!

My expertise lies in the techniques of non-verbal communication and body language, as well as training in the skills of conscious influence. I am particularly praised for providing clear, practical instructions and for my joyful, energetic coaching style that enhances individual self-esteem.

Another passion of mine is helping experts prepare clear, concise, and inspiring presentations using my developed Magical Formula™ for Impactful Presentation Material.

In addition to studying presentation skills, I have studied international trade, business, public relations, audiovisual communication, graphic design, and singing.

My 300-page book, ”Nyt on sinun vuorosi loistaa – Esiintymisen kielen opas” (Now It’s Your Turn to Shine – A Guide to the Language of Presentation), was published in the spring of 2021. The book is available in bookstores and libraries nationwide (only in Finland). The easiest way to get the book is through my online store at vaikutaoikein.fi.

My book, online courses, and instructional videos on YouTube are used as learning materials in universities, high schools, and vocational schools.

Do you know how to make an impact?

Different encounters in working life are opportunities to perform and have an impact. Having awareness of influencing skills is of great benefit regardless of the job you do. The importance of a first impression cannot be underestimated. With global competition as it is nowadays, the competitiveness of a company can be considerably improved when key personnel, such as specialists and salespeople, are genuinely professional when giving a presentation and appear relaxed with excellent and clear presentation materials. Simply imparting information word by word by reading out the presentation material is no longer sufficient, as 55% of decisions are made based on non-verbal communication (Albert Mehrabian).

My coaching increases your awareness,
which means that your ability to make an impact increases.
  1. You will be aware of who you are, how you naturally work and what your strengths are.
  2. You will be aware of how your feelings affect your non-verbal communication and your body language.
  3. You will be aware of the overall message you want to pass on to your listeners and what the goal of your presentation is.


What does one day coaching entail?
  • You will learn the daily steps to effective presentations in practice – not only in theory.
  • How to ensure an excellent first impression and why it is important.
  • How you can improve your non-verbal communication and body language in accordance with your goals.
  • How to build intensive interaction with your audience.
  • How to make your voice effective and your message powerful and emotional.
  • How to change nervousness into enjoyment – performing can be a thrilling extreme sport, and all while being paid!
  • How to deal with demanding presentation situations.
  • You will receive professional and personal constructive and encouraging feedback to help you practice.

In my coaching, I take a practical approach using our own experiences, insights and examples. Filmed performances and body language exercises, together with group discussions, will change the way you act in different situations where you want to make an impression or give a presentation.

An example of one day’s effective presentation skills coaching

In this practical and experiential day of coaching, in small groups we will be comprehensively examining the secrets to skilful presentations and making an impression in different situations. The programme features presentation exercises that will be filmed, followed by positive and constructive feedback for each participant.

We will practice the power of non-verbal communication and activate our body language. By filming your exercises, you will experience first-hand, what kind of positive or negative vibes you are sending to your audience with your own non-verbal communication and your unique body language combined with your core message – intentionally or unintentionally. This coaching will improve your ability to interpret the influence someone is having and their body language. In addition, we practice the exploitation of tone of voice, choice of words and presentation material as part of an impactful presentation. If required, we will tackle any problems with stage fright.

Work-based practical exercises will change the way you act in different presentation situations. Thanks to the advances made during the coaching session, your confidence and communication effectivity will grow instantly and can be utilised immediately.

Niina tailored an intensive coaching course for sixteen Project Managers and Product Managers in Vaisala’s Product Development Department, in which we learned to make an impact. Niina’s coaching gave us skills which are useful all around the globe. The result is that people like our presentations now and our message is understood.

Niina also coached me personally. I liked her strong professionalism and the precision with which she took our personal differences into account. The best part was how everyone in my group received Niina’s coaching and advice ”just for them”. And she certainly did not let us off easily!

The benefits of her coaching are now apparent as self-confidence. Now, the driving force for product development rests easily on their own expertise. They give presentations calmly and persuasively, and summarise their key points so that the listeners get a clear understanding of what is being said. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the presentations.

Arto Kylmänen

Development Manager, Vaisala Oyj, CEN Offering

Niina’s professionalism and honest feedback elevates even the experienced presenter to a new level in both body language and presentation material. I recommend Niina!

Sari Torkkola

Chief information Officer (Technical Writer) , Patria

Niina is a joyous and energetic person. She knows how to challenge people and question things. Niina gave a new boost to our sales. We have already successfully used Niina several times to motivate our team and to shake out new ideas.

Erkki Soppela

CEO, Entrepreneur, Advance Team Oy

You are able to create such a sense of confidence and openness in such a short time, so that these shared experiences are made possible. I don’t think I have ever been part of a more impressive training session!

Päivi Saatsi

Managing Director, Työvalmennus Futuuri

Niina has the skill and the heart to see and to encourage. She is also able to advise on how to make progress in small concrete steps and treats people as individuals.

There is a technique to presentation skills, but that is only part of it. First and foremost, it is knowing yourself and utilising your own strengths (everyone has strengths!) and mental development. When the teacher is good enough then a former presentation avoider may start to crave presentation opportunities. That is what happened to me. Unbelievable – but completely true!

Terhi Tikkala

General Secretary, Centre Group in the Nordic Council

I have attended many different corporate sales training/presentation skills coaching courses during my 20-year career; Niina’s coaching was definitely the best and gave us the most concrete benefits, regardless of the subject matter and purpose of the presentation.

I gained much more than I could have ever imagined. I am able to really use these lessons in practice. I will recommend Niina to anyone who needs presentation skills coaching. Niina is a coaching Guru. I wish I had met her many years ago.

Sami Salmi

Director, CGI / Suomi Oy

Niina has the amazing ability to sense and observe different moods and people, and she understands the impact they have on the client’s experience. With seminar content that is wonderfully assembled, along with Niina’s strong charisma and full-fledged humour supplementing the coaching, she was able to concretely highlight everyone’s personal strengths along with hugely improving our skills individually in group sessions, guided sessions and sales situations. Highly recommended!

Tarja Tuuli-Dammert

Nutrition Therapist, Managing Director, TTplus Oy

Niina is a great presentation skills coach, who demands a lot of from her students and herself. Results are not achieved without hard work and effort much like in sport. She can spark an improvement in a participant in only a couple of hours – the more the individual wants to improve the more they will improve! I highly recommend Niina.

Esko Hatunen

Managing Director, Liikkuva Kuva Oy

You can be sure of Niina’s professional skills in every coaching session! Thank you once again for a great day of coaching! The participants were enthralled. Here’s some feedback from them:

”This was REALLY GREAT! Really good guidance and useful exercises for practical use. Comprehensive understanding of various temperaments, etc. An unbelievable day.”

”A great coach and an empowering, useful and fun day. I think it would be worthwhile to have Niina go through everyone working at Aller. A straightforward and relaxed presentation skills coaching session such as this would benefit everyone.”

”One of the best training sessions I have attended. Thank You.”

”Really rewarding coaching session that gave me a lot of concrete skills for my work. The coach was deservingly chosen.”

”The coach was great and inspiring. She approached presenting in a way that is radically different to what I have ever seen before. Not a bad word to say about this, only compliments.”

Timo Niskanen

HR Coordinator, Aller Media

Niina’s coaching went straight to the heart of the matter. She illuminated my strengths as a presenter and, in particular, the genuineness at its core that strengthens my interaction in the right way. One of my best experiences ever. Niina has the ability to get the most from your potential in an appreciative way.

Makke Leppänen

Author, Senior & Business Coach, Corendo and Intotalo